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Kennedy Kamfwa

Kennedy Kamfwa API Asset Protection International

Kennedy’s interest in investments took him from a background in accounting to qualifying for a prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

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Kholeka Mzondeki

Kholeka Mzondeki API Asset Protection International

Kholeka, a UK qualified Chartered Accountant, joined API in 2013. She has a passion for educating non-financially aware people on the benefits of investing early in pursuit of financial freedom.

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Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes API Asset Protection International

Alex hails from Zimbabwe and was schooled in Natal. He has a background in law, having worked in the legal profession in Zimbabwe before moving down south to Durban.

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Tom Pearson

Tom Pearson API Asset Protection International

Following a period in the financial services industry and having developed a passion for financial planning, Tom was invited to join the API Shelly Beach team in 2016.

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Jesse Morgans

Jesse Morgans API Asset Protection International

Jesse’s passion for financial planning is closely tied to his enthusiasm for the field of psychology where his formal academic qualifications lie.

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Kiran Parbhoo

Kiran Parbhoo API Asset Protection International

Kiran’s passion for financial markets, investments and risk products manifests itself in his holistic approach to financial planning.

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Tim Tyson

Tim Tyson API Asset Protection International

Tim has been involved in financial services for many years, having been employed by two of the country’s most respected asset managers – Allan Gray and RECM.

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Richard Crosby

Richard Crosby API Asset Protection International

Richard has spent most of his working career in the South African financial markets industry.

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Philip Riggien

Philip Riggien API Asset Protection International

Philip has been in the industry since 1997 and has acquired extensive experience under some of the bigger names in the business including Syfrets and BoE Private Clients.

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Alfred Gallenmuller

Alfred Gallenmuller API Asset Protection International

Alfred’s passion for holistic financial planning and wealth management is vastly evident to all, such is his enthusiasm for his vocation.

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